Executive Summary
A Fully Decentralized NFT based Play-and-Earn Game
Gaming is currently being re-invented from the ground up using blockchain technology. However, current models have inadequate token economies, leading to short-lived price upward pressures and eventual collapses as the music stops once the hype dwindles.
We are building a new economic model that will allow self-sustaining and evolving "digital societies" to create value via minting, trading, and exchanging digital assets in the digital world and in the new metaverse. These digital assets are in the form of non-fungible tokens (NFTs), fungible tokens, utility tokens, decentralised financial products and services, and other ways that are yet to be invented in the new metaverse.
As part of this new economic model, the tokenized gig economy (gig economy wrapped in the new token economy) provides an opportunity for low-income and low-middle income demographics to carry out tasks and activities, including games, and earn in-game tokens that can then ultimately be converted into fiat or be used (in crypto assets) to pay for goods and services as crypto market adoption takes place and crypto currencies are then more widely used in the real (off-line) economy.
Chickey Chik will play a critical role in onboarding the next generation of gamers and game developers in this new paradigm. The platform is based on sound economic and financial models that have been validated over the past decade in tokenized form. The Chickey Chik platform will be available online on the web and on mobile apps (iOS and Android). Chickey Chik will also be available in eight languages (in addition to English) by the second half of 2022, covering the largest global populations of low-income demographics:
In the future, we will incorporate "Play to Learn," an opportunity to learn various topics such as a foreign language, coding, math, or science while playing our game. Play to Earn will be yet another added benefit in addition to earning money that our platform will provide.
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