Chiky Run Game
Those bunnies and foxes won’t catch themselves! That’s why it's important to have speedy Chickeys on the team. Enter a race and prove that the player has the fastest Chickeys around. The winner takes home a prize, but even if the player doesn’t enter the Chickey in the race, the player can place a wager on who will win, and if the player is right, they will win the reward!
Chickeys can line up for a race that is either circular (like a track) or straightforward. Players can "egg on" their Chickeys by using special items or commands that they can purchase or simply let them run. There can be a variety of levels, each with a different entry fee or requirement (level/type/class/etc.), and each race will have a different tier of reward or prize. For better prizes, the race can include obstacles on the track that may hinder some of the Chickeys who aren’t prepared.


Chiky Run is an arcade-style game in a 2.5D world where the player controls the Chiky which keeps running forward endlessly until it hits a hostile object. The player is tasked with controlling the Chiky while avoiding pairs of obstacles and an evil fox that comes in the way of the Chiky. Whenever the player taps the screen or clicks the Chiky jumps. The player will be awarded points based on the distance travelled by the Chiky. During the game over screen, the player is awarded the appropriate number of CHIKY tokens based on the distance travelled.
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