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Gamepay Marketplace is our official marketplace through which you can easily purchase our rarest Chiky, Land, and various other items as NFTs. Once purchased you can use it in the game after its launch. Apart from trading NFTs of Chickey Chik assets, one can also create them in the marketplace.

Register for a Gamepay account

To create a Gamepay account and start your NFT journey, you need to go to and click on the login button on the top right corner of the screen.
Step 1 : Click ‘Register here’ to create a new account.
Step 2 : Fill the details as shown below :
Step 3: After filling in the details, proceed to click the Register now button.
Step 4: An account verification email will be sent to your registered mail address, which you are expected to click & verify.
Step 5: After verification, you should click “Login with Email”
Step 6: Enter your email address and password. If you already have a Metamask wallet then you can log in using your Wallet.
Step 7: Click Login Button and you have successfully entered our Marketplace.


Our Gamepay Marketplace is divided into three main areas, categories, filters, and results.
One can simply choose the category they are interested in purchasing (such as Chiky) by using the filter panel to choose any classes and features they need. Once the filter has been selected they can view the results in the center of the screen and view the chosen filter in the top right corner.
If you find the results aren’t as per your requirement, then we suggest you try widening your search by adding or removing some filters.

User Profile:

This page will show the profile details of the User with wallet details, assets, inventory, referral link & activity.
Let’s break down what each feature describes.

My wallet :

Displays your token details.
There are two types of tokens — the CHIKY token & SILK token ( read our article to know more about our Token Economics). The wallet has details of the tokens currently owned by the user, the value, and the address.
Users are allowed to deposit or withdraw from this section.
(i) Deposit: Click Deposit → Exchange
(ii) Connect your external wallet
(iii) Choose your origin token (for ex: BNB) and buy a token (CHIKY or SILK ) and submit .

Assets :

It shows the overall Assets currently owned by the user and earning history of assets on a monthly basis with the category of Land, Body parts, Characters & Public sales.

Referral Program :

Each user will have a unique referral link, they can copy this link and send it to your social network to invite people and get rewards if your referral purchases any NFTs.
In this section, you can claim your rewards by clicking the “CLAIM REWARDS” button, which will take you to a list of the history of purchases and your earned commission details along with your withdrawal claim amount.

Inventory :

A user can view their owned assets (chick & eggs ) in their inventory with categories such as chicks, land, items & chest. Users can sell their assets from here.
Click Sale Now → Connect wallet

Activity :

This page will show the transaction history of buying or selling assets with the date & time and value of assets along with buyer/seller details.
Use the filter section to choose a period.

Buying :

Step 1: With your Chiky, Land, or Bundle chosen, proceed to purchase.
Step 2: Click the “Buy Now” button in the top right of the page.
Step3: Connect your Metamask wallet (Step by step guide setup Metamask wallet ) which cause your wallet to pop up where you can view the details of the transaction about to take place. This will include the amount you’re going to pay for the Chiky, Land, or Bundle, as well as the gas fee involved.
Click the credit card option to make a payment.
If everything looks good,
Step 4: Click Confirm.
Confirm the purchase
Head on over to the Inventory page.
Here, you’ll be able to see your purchases and check the status of any currently in process.


First, connect your Metamask wallet to your account. Then navigate to the inventory tab. Your Chiky will show up here.
After you are in your inventory, Click on the Chiky you wish to sell.
Simply click the Sell Now button and set a price as you wish to sell,
Click “Confirm” to list it on the Gamepay marketplace.
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