Our founding team consists of ex-colleagues and friends, with multiple years of experience working on blockchain applications.

Daniel Dos Santos - CEO | LinkedIn

  • Currently, CEO of Gamepay
  • Founder of blockchain labs in 2016 in Singapore.
  • Former advisor on Robot Cache Gaming Platform.
  • Former Investment Banker: Citigroup, Morgan Stanley, Barclays, and Renaissance Capital.
  • Advisor on numerous SPAC IPOs on Nasdaq.

Selvakumar Esra - CTO | LinkedIn

  • Currently CTO of Gamepay
  • Senior Blockchain Architect.
  • Currently the VP of Technology Solutions Architect at DBS.
  • 20 years in technology leadership.
  • Former Head of Technology at Standard Chartered.
  • Former Technology Lead in JPMorgan.
  • Former Senior Software Developer in Royal Bank of Scotland.
  • Former Assistant VP at Citibank

Christopher Clower - COO/CFO | LinkedIn

  • Built and sold his own company, achieving a 30x return in two years.
  • Sit on several boards of FinTech and Technology companies in SEA.
  • Former head of Merrill Lynch SEA.
  • Cumulative 25 years of Investment Banking career.
  • Currently, a Director of Malacca Trust Pte Ltd that owns the largest asset management firm in Indonesia.
Douglas Murdoch - Gaming Chief Product Owner | LinkedIn
  • Currently Product Owner of Gamepay 10+ years in Fintech Business
  • Manages 200+ accounts worldwide
  • Worked and optimized digital payment solutions all over LATAM and North
  • Currently, Independent Consultant for Blockchain and High potential Fintech Startups

Natassia Johnson (Tasha) -Community Manager | Linkedin

  • Freelance writer for one of the largest media companies in Singapore
  • Writer and editor for BeSiargao a local magazine in the Philippines
  • Conference Manager for largest event Organizer globally
  • Marketing and Sales for Electric Bike Software in Switzerland


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