Secure API interface
This API interface will be the first point of contact for the game clients or any external utility to interact with the Smart Contract as a Service backbone. The interface will only be allowed to respond to the incoming authorised requests. It will allow the end clients to invoke different smart contracts against the features on the game clients without interfacing with blockchain nodes but over secure REST endpoints. The following design principles will be followed by the REST API interface:
  1. 1.
    It will accept and respond with JSON Objects
  2. 2.
    Use renewable JWT for securely transmitting JSON Objects over SSL
  3. 3.
    Will be nesting resources for hierarchical objects
  4. 4.
    Will allow filtering, sorting, and pagination
  5. 5.
    Will cache data to improve performance
  6. 6.
    Will maintain versioning of APIs
The documentation on the APIs will provide the usage for game developers to consume all the available Blockchain functions such as allocating the tokens, transferring tokens, burning tokens, etc. These operations are
pre-programmed, and API interface will only allow to fetch, verify or write data into the Blockchain ledger.
It will not support editing, updating or upgrading either the Blockchain protocol or any of the smart contracts
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