Why Chickey Chik?

Free to start playing

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    New Chickey Chik players will be able to start playing for free.
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    Axie Infinity requires new players to invest approximately $500 upfront to start playing.
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    $500 is more than twice the monthly salary of the low-income demographic in its biggest user country, the Philippines.
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    Axie Infinity’s success has priced itself out of its base target market for new players, which explains why Axie’s new player growth has declined substantially.

Simple to Start Playing

  • Chickey Chik Players will be able to start with “Click and Play.” This is especially important to the demographic of lower-income players – the simpler it is to start playing, the more New Players.
  • Axie Infinity is complicated to start playing: Below are the steps a new player must complete before playing.
  • Set up an Ethereum wallet such as Metamask and securely store the seed phrase (backup password) safely.
  • Purchase ETH with traditional currency on a centralized exchange and send it to Metamask, which incurs a fee, or, depending on which country the user is based in, purchase ETH via Metamask’s credit card solution.
  • Create a wallet on the game’s customized chain or Layer-2 scaling solution and once again store the seed phrase safely.
  • Create an account on the game’s website using the wallet. Link an email ID to the game account.
  • Send ETH or the game token to the game’s wallet which incurs a transaction fee. Download the game if necessary.
  • Purchase necessary in-game items, minimum starting amount is approx. USD 500-600 (minimum three Axies are required to start).Binance Smart Chain (Phase 1)
SILK will first be built on top of the Binance Smart Chain. Binance Smart Chain provides the perfect balance of scalability and popularity for SILK to start with. At its full network utilisation rate, Binance Smart Chain has the capacity to handle 160 transactions per second, which is about 10x the capacity of the Ethereum chain. The Binance Smart Chain, being the third-largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization, is also one of the fastest-growing Layer-1 blockchains in terms of popularity and community. This will create a massive opportunity for the initial adoption of SILK tokens.

Solana Blockchain (Phase 2)

In Phase 2, SILK will be leveraging the speed (40k + transactions/second) & low transaction fee of the Solana blockchain to provide a top-class gaming experience to players at a low cost.

Gamepay Blockchain (Phase 3)

Gamepay will develop its own blockchain at a later stage that will have similar or improved capabilities to the Solana Blockchain.

Mobile app

Chickey Chik will have a mobile game app in addition to website play. Axie Infinity has no mobile game app yet because they don’t want to pay 30% revenue to Apple and Google to post the app in the App Store and Play Store.


Chickey Chik will be distributed through the App Store and Play Store, and we will let our players open an initial account using the web-based platform to avoid having to pay the 30% revenue share with the stores.

Local Languages

Chickey Chik will be playable in eight local languages (in addition to English) by 2H22, covering the largest global populations of low-income demographics (Axie Infinity is only available in English):
  • Tagalog (Philippines, the largest market for Axie Infinity)
  • Bahasa (Indonesia and Malaysia) Hindi (India)
  • Portuguese (Brazil)
  • Spanish (Latin America)
  • French (Africa)
  • Mandarin Chinese (China)
  • Russian (Russia)
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